American Universal Education

Our Mission:


We give women the tools to become entrepreneurs.

Its started as a program developed for coaching women for first job in private or public sector, and get the maximum potential of them, by different professionals, it was a great success, but recession came, so we have to start all over again, our main job its B2B for coaching women in the private sector, and now we start with this B2C to spread the knowledge at low cost and with no frontiers for a Universal Education.

Women have many advantages to explote, but short time to learn.


Our Mission

Changing the world woman to woman, in short time.

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Our Goal

We believe, we can transform the life of more than 1 million mothers and women in North American and Latin America. Help us spread the word. We are working with different professionals to give you the best tools, to succeed.



trained womens

We are on fire, really happy with the results.



Professional helping on courses

We want to give you the best updated information, in a special a beautiful way for you to learn and succeed.



years of experience coaching

We don’t considers expert, because we want to continue learning more to give you more but our experience will make you thrive.


Our Programs

Our Premium content its segregated in different areas, we are working with new professional to increase our great programs.


Who i am

To know where we need go, we need to understand ourselves, women have more beautiful feelings to handle so we need to prepare the mind in order to achieve our exciting goals.


We women love to sell ourselves and we have succeed, but we need to understand more how to sell to others, and make profits, we are here for that.


Numbers never lie, so be prepare for and exiting simple journey, don’t worry we need just basic knowledge to understand what its happening in our finances.

Next Level

When you will achieved what you want, you need to understand what its next, you can’t stop… keep moving forward.


February 21 2019

Why Women Need To Be Wealthy And What We Can Do To Get There?

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Get Involved

We will prepare you to achieved your goals and also help others, the ones who get the highest scores will be selected to participate in a Big project that its our next level in achievements to keep you motivated.


Sign Up For a Program

Your score was more than 90 points write us, we will like to chat more with you.

Sales & Bizz opportunities

Do you have an idea or business you want to grow, we will be happy to help you. Also we can send you some opportunities.

help other womens

Buy a product or course and you are making a donation to a group of women we select to help, that can’t afford the programs.